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now seeking donations of stuff!

Hello St. Louis Catholic Worker Friends! we’re excited to be starting up our first “official” and recurring works of mercy project as a group and we need your help! Our plan is to begin distributing water and hot food to folks living on the street as well as any other in kind items folks (like you) donate to the cause. We plan to start humbly with hopeful openness that such efforts might be expanded if there is enthusiasm from this extended StLCW community of support. In addition to sharing supplies, we’re also looking for folks who would be willing to volunteer their time and maybe even their vehicle to go around with one or more of us for the actual distribution. In the long run we may also be looking for a more serious kitchen suited to preparing large amounts of food. We are still deciding and open to input about what regular place(s) or time(s) to serve. If you’re able to help in these ways please email us at We hope to support other needs of folks

Join us to pray for Oak Flat in Nov. 4

    A Resolution Copper mine threatens to destroy Oak Flat. From the beginning of time, Apache Stronghold has grounded their resistance in the strength of their religious practice and spiritual relationship with the land. Apache Stronghold asks people of other faiths to join them in this spiritual struggle. On November 4, Apache Stronghold will amplify these intercessions into a prayer-rising for the preservation of Oak Flat. Indigenous people will gather at Oak Flat to pray according to their ways. People of other faiths will also gather to encounter the Holy and to confront, through prayer, the forces of destruction brought by Resolution Copper. The St. Louis Catholic Worker will gather for an inclusive prayer service of our Christian tradition. We hope to add our humble spiritual strength to this larger effort at our Indigenous partners' request.  Join us at 12 Noon on November 4th as we plan to gather in prayer outdoors with the land at Tower Grove Park’s Lily Pond Shelter.   L

defend Weelaunee forest roundtable postponed!!!

    Oh no! We had a miscommunication and there’s been a subsequent double booking of the venue for Sunday's roundtable! We're postponing this weekend's get-together and instead meeting on October 29th at 5:30 for our potluck and round table discussion about the resistance to the destruction of Weelaunee forest for that multi-million dollar “Cop City” project. Chrissy, Lindsey, and Theo will be joining other midwest Catholic Workers to travel to Atlanta in mid-November to take part in a weekend of actions organized by . We’ll still gather at Stomp the World (6815 Gravois Ave. 63113) for a short presentation and dinner/hang out/discussion time. Don't forget to save the dates for our other upcoming events: 12 noon on Saturday Nov. 4th @ Tower Grove Park Lily Pond shelter - Liturgy to pray for the protection of Oak Flat Sunday Nov. 19th exact evening time and location in the Normandy, MO area TBD - Discussion of the new Papal document on the climate crisis,