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the STL CW in the LA Catholic Worker's latest newspaper

  The St. Louis Catholic Worker is the latest addition to the Los Angeles CW's sister house network of communities started by LACW alumni. Theo who spent 7 years with the house in LA wrote this short intro peace in the February 2024 Catholic Agitator (found in its entirety here ).  Find out how to contribute to our efforts to start a house of hospitality here . ------- I first came to the L.A. Catholic Worker 14 years ago. It was just a few days after my 20th birthday. Looking back, I had no idea what I would be getting into (maybe I still don’t), and if you had told me then that one day I would be starting yet another LACW Sister House, I would have had no idea what to think. It was my first time taking a train. As I climbed aboard Amtrak, I was heading to a place I had never been to before, and looking to try a life- style that was outside of what I had been taught was possible. I guess it seemed like an adventure. I was going to help run a soup kitchen on Skid Row, which is the