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Theo in 'US Catholic' magazine

 The STL Catholic Worker Community's Theo was one of the CWs featured in US Catholic magazine's recent article How the Catholic Worker movement stays grassroots online. Read it here!   From the article:  “People are looking for the Catholic Worker in these spaces and not finding it,” he says. Kayser also has his own Instagram and Facebook presence, in which he regularly shares Day’s quotes in the form of memes. In November 2022, Kayser and Lydia Wong, a Chicago Catholic Worker, also started their own podcast, Coffee with Catholic Workers. They interviewed Workers young and old, highlighting the voices and experiences of a diverse movement. Kayser has taken the Worker’s communicative message seriously. “Dorothy repeatedly refers to it as a media organization,” Kayser says. Nevertheless, he has encountered plenty of older Workers who are skeptical about the Catholic Worker having a social media presence. And he does agree, to a certain extent, about the dangers of becoming “too o