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StL CW December Updates!

  Merry Christmas friends!   If you haven't already heard, our biggest news is that we've started raising money to purchase a house for Catholic Worker hospitality in the St. Louis area. You can read our longer appeal here or in our newsletter linked below.     If you're in a place to make a financial gift to help us on a down payment please send checks made out to the "STL Catholic Worker Community" c/o Sophia House 4547 Gibson Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110. We've also set up a GoFundMe . Our humble zine, In The Shell of The Old issue #2 was sent out recently. We decided to do a big one time snail mailing to local people from the Karen House mailing list,  something like 1,300 people. While it took a little while and cost a little bit, we've already made some new friends from the effort and hope the trend continues. You can email us if you want a physical copy sent to your doorstep!   Oh no! We've heard from a couple of our friends that our emails have bee

We're hoping to buy a house and we need your help!

  Check out our GoFundMe! Financial gifts can be sent to the STL Catholic Worker Community (c/o Sophia House): 4547 Gibson Ave, St. Louis MO 63110. Checks can be made out to “STL Catholic Worker Community.” Electronic gifts can be directed towards Theo's venmo or PayPal @TheoKayser or our go fund me .  ------ "Have you found a place yet? I know someone with nowhere to stay.”  “I wish the Catholic Worker in St. Louis was up and running, I’m aware of a mother and daughter in need of housing for a few nights.”  Ever since we announced our plans to open a new Catholic Worker house in the St. Louis area we’ve received inquiries like these.   We live in a world where a handful of billionaires control as much wealth as 4 billion people and so people go without housing, without food and water, without healthcare. People die.  In our own city those without housing have slept on the very doorstep of city hall, until they were unceremoniously evicted. Our city government mirrors that of

StL CW newsletter #2 !

  Check out issue #2 of our humble zine, In The Shell of The Old.    In this issue: - Lindsey on Hope - theo on his time at Oak Flat - what we've been upto - an appeal to help us purchase a house   Download the full pdf here .

Christmas Party Dec. 17! Laudate Deum discussion Jan 7!

  Join us Sunday December 17th for an STL Catholic Worker Community Christmas party! Theo will be leading some Christmas sing alongs! We’ll have Christmas cocktails too! Lindsey’s current community of Sophia House is kind enough to host us again starting at   3 PM at 4547 Gibson Ave 63110 . Feel free to bring some food or other refreshments to share (Christmas cookies?!) but most importantly bring yourself! - We were sad to have to postpone our   potluck and discussion of Pope Francis’s recent Apostolic Exhortation “Laudate Deum”   addressed to all people of good will on the climate crisis, but the twin forces of covid and settler-colonialism forced our hand. Thankfully, Chrissy’s feeling much better and Theo’s just back from his first round of CPT accompaniment at Oak Flat! Join us for our rescheduled breaking of bread and discussion hosted by our friend Matt on   January 7th at 6PM at the Hubbard family home 3704 St. Ann’s Ln 63121 .  From Pope Francis in Laudate Deum:  Contrary to t