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While Theo is going to be away in Europe for the summer visiting the Catholic Worker communities of that continent (follow his adventures), Chrissy and Lindsey are going to continue working to figure out a space for a house of hospitality. "Do we fix up the house Chrissy owns in need of major renovations? Or look for a more move-in-ready place to buy?" is the big question right now. Let us know if you can help facilitate either of those options!

Chrissy and Lindsey are also hoping to host semi-regular community building events over the summer. Liturgies, round table discussions, and potlucks are all being considered!

So if you want to hear about future updates, volunteer opportunities, newsletters, appeals for help, and events, make sure to sign up for our email list by filling out this google form or by dropping us a line at You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram and even shoot us a text at (314) 474-5506.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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