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Join us June 25th for a potluck!

Thank you, Thank you -- for your sincere and loving support as we have begun this new adventure! It keeps us grounded and grateful that we have a community to sustain us and co-create with us as we work to create a more just St. Louis. We believe that our work to build a house of hospitality is possible with our abundant community: YOU.

Moving forward, we plan to host monthly gatherings the last Sunday of the each month. We hope this space can be one where we build community with one another, discuss shared values and visions, and simply enjoy each other.

We will be having a potluck this month. Please bring food, blankets, and chairs to share. If you are pressed, please come even if you can't bring anything.

When: June 25th at 6pm
Where: Tower Grover Park (Stone Shelter, Northwest Drive, St. Louis, MO)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: 314-474-5506 or email us at


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  Check out our GoFundMe! Financial gifts can be sent to the STL Catholic Worker Community (c/o Sophia House): 4547 Gibson Ave, St. Louis MO 63110. Checks can be made out to “STL Catholic Worker Community.” Electronic gifts can be directed towards Theo's venmo or PayPal @TheoKayser or our go fund me .  ------ "Have you found a place yet? I know someone with nowhere to stay.”  “I wish the Catholic Worker in St. Louis was up and running, I’m aware of a mother and daughter in need of housing for a few nights.”  Ever since we announced our plans to open a new Catholic Worker house in the St. Louis area we’ve received inquiries like these.   We live in a world where a handful of billionaires control as much wealth as 4 billion people and so people go without housing, without food and water, without healthcare. People die.  In our own city those without housing have slept on the very doorstep of city hall, until they were unceremoniously evicted. Our city government mirrors that of

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